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Winter Engineering has over 30 years experience in rebuilding and replacing ballscrews. Some manufacturers and machine repair businesses do not realize they can save thousands of dollars every year for their company by rebuilding ballscrews instead of replacing them. Rebuilding ballscrews costs 50% to 75% less than replacing them. Sometimes the rebuilt ballscrew works better in the machine than the original one from the manufacturer! Also, the down time on machines is greatly reduced when ballscrews are rebuilt rather than replaced.

We specialize in repairing and replacement of ballscrews. Even though most choose to repair their current ballscrew, replacement is also an option. Our vast stock of new and rebuilt ballscrews covers most diameters, lengths, and thread-type. We can also modify a replacement to your specifications if a suitable off-the-shelf replacement is difficult to locate. In the last two years, Winter Engineering as acquired over 2,000 new ballscrews in stock.

Ballscrews are used in a variety of automated equipment. Sizes range from miniture (e.g. cd players)in any automated equipment, to 30+ feet length and 6+ inches in diameter (e.g. cnc machines). Among the various types are single nut, double nut, internal and external ball return. Each with different specifications of pitch, lead, and threads per inch. We'll be glad to help you with any of the above or inbetween.

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